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deviation in storage by suikuzu


Congrats Pern Fandom, you win, I officially give up. Your cliche stereotyping of all comers. Your insistence that everyone who is honest about wanting something must be a shiny hunter and therefor irredeemably evil (Even when what they said was that they wanted a non-queen/bronze colour). The obsessive stalking of people you dislike and the irrational determination to ruin their lives for no reason beyond your decision that you don't like them. The trash-talking of people who play their character true to character rather than giving to your drama-fest. The endless whining when something does not go your way.

I am saddened by your inability to act like the adults you claim you are and discuss your issues with other members of the fandom openly with said members rather than simply lashing out on all available media at the person who has upset.

I have put up with a great many things during my years taking part in this fandom and I do not deny that at times I have taken part in some of the less pleasant parts of the fandom. However I know that it was wrong of me to do so, something which many of you seem unable to grasp.

It is time for me to leave Pern Fandom. This screwed-up trauma inducing relationship between us is at an end. I hope that some day you can find your hearts and realize what you have done and how many people you have soured on what is an fine series of books. I hope that someday you can all learn to be adults and realize that, in the end, these are roleplays, not real life.

Good bye Pern Fandom.
  • Mood: Sadness
Southern Cross Reference by RDSR
Southern Cross Reference
A re-made form of the mare who is probably my literal oldest character. I've had her in my head ever since I was a very small child first discovering the original My Little Pony movie (which was the first MLP thing I ever watched).

Two things of note about South:

1. She is not an Alicorn. To my way of thinking an Alicorn, both the Show-canon kind and the ones which are seen in the world-canon which South is from, are ponies with equal access to the magic of all three of the main pony tribes (Earth/Pegasi/Unicorn), if not being an outright god/goddess. South only has Pegasi and Unicorn magic, and her Pegasi magic is significantly weaker than her Unicorn magic. In her world, hybrids between the three tribes of pony are actually fairly common, though most don't show it quite as obviously as South does.

2. In-verse, Dark magic is not the same thing as Black magic. Dark magics are those relating to shadows and the night. Black magic is magic which is inherently harmful to yourself or another person. Examples include spells to control another person's body or mind, spells designed specifically to cause pain and things like necromancy.
Red Bombalurina by RDSR
Red Bombalurina
Named for, and appearance-wise based on, Bombalurina, a character from the musical CATS by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This particular firelizard is impressed to Scarletrider Nitsuko on Earthborn.

Base (c) Me
Character (c) Me
Inspiration (c) Andrew Lloyd Webber & T.S.Elliot
Ruby Azraeav by RDSR
Ruby Azraeav
Another dragon of the firm belief that 'Real Men wear Pink'. Azraeav is impressed to Doctor Nikolai Azarov on Earthborn.

base (c) lXxMellodyxXl
Rose Tyth by RDSR
Rose Tyth
aka Real Men Wear Pink.

Rose Tyth is impressed to Voice-actor Sky Cruize on Earthborn. He might be pink, but Tyth is a manly man of a dragon and he is not impressed when people suggest otherwise.

bsae (c) lXxMellodyxXl


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