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PR: Quest 54 - Role Reversal by RDSR
PR: Quest 54 - Role Reversal
Still on their way to Pink Rock, Liz and Rhys stumble into a strange distortion of air, a shifting moving rainbow. Upon entering, Rhys suddenly finds himself a human and Liz finds herself a pokemon. Liz gets used to walking around on four legs more quickly than Rhys gets used to walking on two. The whole thing is very strange, though Liz is mostly just grateful she hasn't ended up a Chansey or one of the other pokemon stereotypical associated with her family. In fact, she finds she rather enjoys being a Sylveon. Rhys isn't so amused with being a human, or the fact that Liz keeps climbing up onto his shoulder and sitting there. Still, once he gets the hang of walking around on two legs (a situation he thinks is very much less than ideal), they set out to try and find the source of whatever strange power has done this to them.

Character Design notes:
- I wanted to keep a lot of their colouring similar to their usual selves, so that they would be recognizably them. Thus Liz's light pink and light blue are slightly different shades than the standard Sylveon colours, while Rhys has green hair, golden eyes and the lapels of his coat have the white lined pink colour of his petals.
- Liz keeps her vest in Sylveon form
- Rhys's pants are cargo-pants, with the many large pockets. I don't know why but he seems the sort to have them and keep all kinds of strange things stored in his pockets. I think once they get out, he might demand a set of saddle bags, since he shall have learned the benefits of pockets and being able to keep his own stuff.
Your problem now by RDSR
Your problem now
For Pokemon Rainbow
Location: Rainbow Mall

Making their way towards Pink Rock, Liz and Rhys decide to stop in at the mall and stock up on supplies. While there, Liz figures she might as well pop in and visit which ever relative is manning the desk at the pokemon center that day. She arrives to find a frazzled looking Joy, who, upon being asked if she's okay and if there's anything Liz and Rhys can do to help, shoves a pokeball at her and insists she take it.

The conversation goes something like this:
Liz - Is there anything I can do to help?
Joy - Oh, thank arceus. Finally a solution. Here, take this. She's your problem now
Liz - ....

Thus does Casey the Chansey join the group. Casey is a talented nurse, but she has this little problem where in she has a tendency towards taking this which don't belong to her. Especially other people's pokemon eggs. Which is a bit of a liability in an active pokemon center.

Basically, I found my pencil set and decided I would play around with them and put together a traditionally coloured piece for this. Please ignore the horrible colouring of my attempt to find an acceptable skintone colour for Liz. We'll just pretend she and Rhys are checking out a window display at a TV store or looking into the gaming arcade and the lights are colouring her skin.
Are you okay? by RDSR
Are you okay?
Entry for Pokemon Rainbow
Location: Golden Forest
Action: Catching a pokemon
Pokemon caught: Shinx

While wandering the Golden Forest, Liz and Rhys come across an injured shiny shinx being chased by a bunch of regular Shinx. After having Rhys chase them off, Liz patches up the injured shinx. When they go to move along, the Shinx insists on coming with them. After some negotiation over what to call her, they settle on Korra.
Elizabeth Joy - Character Application by RDSR
Elizabeth Joy - Character Application
Character Application for  Pokemon Rainbow

Name: Elizabeth Althea Joy
Nickname(s): Liz
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pokemon Doctor
Home Town: Blackthorn City, Johto
Pokemon Partner: Rhys (Meganium - male)

Name: Rhys
Species: Meganium
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Aromatherapy

Adventure:… - Korra joins the team… - Casey joins the team… - Quest 54: Role Reversal
Congrats Pern Fandom, you win, I officially give up. Your cliche stereotyping of all comers. Your insistence that everyone who is honest about wanting something must be a shiny hunter and therefor irredeemably evil (Even when what they said was that they wanted a non-queen/bronze colour). The obsessive stalking of people you dislike and the irrational determination to ruin their lives for no reason beyond your decision that you don't like them. The trash-talking of people who play their character true to character rather than giving to your drama-fest. The endless whining when something does not go your way.

I am saddened by your inability to act like the adults you claim you are and discuss your issues with other members of the fandom openly with said members rather than simply lashing out on all available media at the person who has upset.

I have put up with a great many things during my years taking part in this fandom and I do not deny that at times I have taken part in some of the less pleasant parts of the fandom. However I know that it was wrong of me to do so, something which many of you seem unable to grasp.

It is time for me to leave Pern Fandom. This screwed-up trauma inducing relationship between us is at an end. I hope that some day you can find your hearts and realize what you have done and how many people you have soured on what is an fine series of books. I hope that someday you can all learn to be adults and realize that, in the end, these are roleplays, not real life.

Good bye Pern Fandom.
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